Terms of Service
Thank you for choosing Squiddy Moon studio! These terms of service (“terms”) apply to every service (“commission”, “commissions”) offered and sold on https://squiddymoon.com/ (“studio”, “creator”, “creators”) to our clients (“the client”) and constitute an agreement between both parties.
Commission process
  • The client can submit request by filling a commission form on the Service page. References must attached to client’s application. Any commissions without any references attached will not be accepted.
  • Commissions are not taken on a “first come first serve” basis. A commission request can be declined with any reason.
  • After submitting request, the client has to allow up to 3 business days for a response.
  • If the client takes more than 2 days to provide any feedback asked by the creators, the commission progress is to be paused and the deadline is to be extended.
  • The commission process can be published or streamed by Squiddy Moon studio creators. If the commission is to be not published or streamed, the client must notify us in advance.
  • Squiddy Moon studio and the respective creators keep the rights to their work. The client accepts that Squiddy Moon studio can post a finished commission in the studio’s socials and website for a public portfolio.
NDA Projects, Rush Projects & Revisions
Non-Disclosure Agreement Projects (NDA) Projects
Squiddy Moon studio offers NDA projects for any kind of content made by any studio creator for free If the client needs it.

Rush Projects
The standard delivery time vary between 1 to 3 months after the starting date.
Rush slots are only available for Graphic design and Chat coding.
Graphic design rush services:
  • Rush Delivery (Up to 2 weeks) +100% to the initial price.
Chat coding rush services:
  • Rush Delivery (Up to 2 weeks) +50% to the initial price.
  • Rush Delivery (Up to 1 week) +70% to the initial price.

The client has only two (2) major revisions (changing a big part of a commission) during the commission. The client is responsible for making additional payments for more major revisions. If a revision is not possible for any reason, it will be declined.
Small revisions and commission support provided after the completion are free and available for limited time.
  • Live2D model art - 30 days.
  • Rigging and animation - 60 days.
  • Illustration - 15 days.
  • Graphics - 60 days.
  • Chat coding - unlimited time.
Rights & License
General rights
  • Both creator and Squiddy Moon studio must be credited on client’s socials and channels.
  • The client is not permitted to use any part of the commission for generating derivatives works using AI software and generators, marketing and distribution and/or provided files as NFT.
  • All commissions are delivered with a Standard Commercial License by default.

Standard Commercial License
  • Usage. The client has permission only for promotional use of commission on social media and streaming platforms.
  • Printing. The client can exploit Live2D model commission in printing media only with Squiddy Moon studio's credits. The client has no exploitation permission for other types of commissions provided by studio in printing media.
  • Non-transferable. The client has no permission to transfer or resell commissions provided by Squiddy Moon studio.
  • Modifications & Edits. The client has no permission to edit or change the commission unless Squiddy Moon studio provides a written permission.

Extended Commercial License
An Extended Commercial License will add a 50%-100% fee.
  • Usage. The client will be allowed to exploit the model files in any way.
  • Printing. The client will be allowed to exploit any commission artwork in printing media, without crediting Squiddy Moon studio.
  • Transferable. The client can sell or facilitate a commission.
Every price displayed on our website is a subject to change without warning.
Payment should be made to the creator responsible for a part of the commission.
The client can make a payment to a Squiddy Moon studio creator via:
  • PayPal;
  • Boosty;
  • EasyStart;
The client should check the payment method availability with Squiddy Moon studio beforehand because our creators may have only one of them. The transaction fee has to be covered by the client. The client has to notify the manager about every transaction.
Available payment plans:
  • Full Payment Plan
The client pays for the whole commission in advance.
  • The Half-Payment Plan
The client pays half of an order total in advance and has to pay the remaining half once the artwork is 80% finished.
  • Individual Payment Plan
An Individual creator can offer an individual payment plan If the client needs it.
If the client choose the Half-Payment Plan or Individual Payment Plan and incur in non-payment after receiving the 80% progress commission preview, the commission will be put on hold until the client pays the remaining money.